Time check: Jacob & Co Arlequino's timepieces

Time check: Jacob & Co Arlequino's timepieces

Gem-set masterpieces

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Jacob & Co

They may be inspired by comedy but with mastery of gemstones this intelligent, Jacob & Co's Arlequino watches are serious players in the horologocial world.

Jacob & Co understands gemstones and they apply that intimate knowledge to their watchmaking projects, one piece at a time. Their marriage between jewellery and horology is now evident in the stunning Arlequino line, a collection of watches, which showcases not only artistry but also fine craftsmanship.

Jacon & Co Arlequino Tutti Frutti

While it may look like simple gem-setting, the different physical characteristics of the gemstones – diamonds, rubies, sapphires – requires that each stone be placed at the perfect angle to ensure not only pleasing aesthetics but also technological continuity.

Jacon & Co Arlequino Sunset

For 2016, two new models will be made available: the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Arlequino and the Caviar Tourbillon Arlequino. The unique pieces, encapsulated by both brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds, sparkle as the colours of the gemstones complement one another perfectly.

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