Swarovski and the Austrian Space Forum unveil the Tiuterra Crystal

Swarovski and the Austrian Space Forum unveil the Tiuterra Crystal

A piece of cosmic beauty

Image: Swarovski

Swarovski, the global leader in precision-cut crystals presents its limited edition Tiuterra Crystal, the outcome of a groundbreaking collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum

The crystal house represents a pledge of support for continued exploration of Mars, as it unveils its unique Tiuterra Crystal – named after the old English word for Mars and Earth. 

The stunning crystal is a result of a partnership formed with the Austrian Space Forum – the Austrian national network for aerospace specialists and space enthusiasts – marking UN Space Week 2013, with the theme 'Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth'.

This special crystal is a limited edition of one hundred numbered pieces that symbolise the union of our world with the Red Planet, representing a technological first. 

The Tiuterra Crystal was created by with composite of a Mars meteorite that was found in Morocco and 33 rock samples that were collected by individuals and institutions from around the world, it was then fused with a Swarovski crystal using a completely revolutionary technique.

The exact procedure has not been revealed, however, one step is to heat up the rock samples to a very high temperature level before combining it with the crystal. Signifying the approach of Earth and Mars, this is the first time material from outer space, together with natural rock, has ever been merged with crystal.

The crystals was unveiled to the public earlier this month, during the Yuri's Night celebration in Vienna, the annual event commemorating the first space flight. Leaders and prominent figures affiliated with the top ten space agencies will also receive Tiuterra Crystals, including European astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.