Ramadan special: Cartier's The Pursuit of Magnificence video

Part 1

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Video: Cartier

Abstract and insightful, a new must-watch video highlights Cartier's unique affinity with the Middle East.

Cartier is celebrating Ramadan with the release of a video campaign that showcases the shared heritage of both maison and the Middle East. Titled The Pursuit of Magnificence, this is the first of three festive videos and tells the story of the journey to the Gulf by Jacques Cartier, famed explorer and grandson of the brand's founder Louis-François Cartier.

"I saw the phosphorescent sea," read an excerpt from Cartier's journal. "From the captain's bridge, the two waves shaped by the ship's bow were so blue it looked as though they were being illuminated from below. We also get clear sight of the city of Moharrek and further in the distance the villages of Sathin and Dir, which look like small islands but, in actual fact, are only separated from Moharrek by dunes."

The 40-second clip was narrated by Georges Kordahi and features Cartier's arrival on Arabian shores on a dhow, along with a masterful integration of the region's most iconic traits – think fishing, falconry and horses – that reflects Cartier's renowned artistry in jewellery. 

The second and third videos in the series will be released in June and September to coincide with Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. Now, step inside the exclusive Panthère de Cartier watch launch party in Los Angeles.