Perfect fit: Hublot x Berluti

Perfect fit: Hublot x Berluti

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A new partnership results in a collection that's a shoe-in for horological sophistication. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Luxury watchmaker Hublot has partnered with master shoemaker Berluti to create a unique timepiece collection: the Classic Fusion. Berluti, which celebrated its 120th anniversary last year, has added its artistry to Hublot's technical ingenuity, inspiring new dials and straps. Two limited edition models – Classic Fusion Berluti All Black and Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto – have been produced.

Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto

"After dressing the Berluti man from head to toe, we collaborated with Hublot to create the perfect watch to complete the silhouette," Antoine Arnault, Berluti CEO. "Both brands share the same level of expertise and a common passion for excellence."

Classic Fusion Berluti All Black

The passion was reiterated by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe when he said, "Style or nothing. After jeans and lace, we wanted to carry on exploring ways to dress our dials and bracelets with legendary textiles. Leather is a standard material in watchmaking for straps, but we wanted to go beyond the traditional approach to leather and work with THE most emblematic leather there is. Working with Berluti was a natural choice. One of the major difficulties was the dial. Using a living material in a sealed case is very complicated. Finding the perfect balance between the nuances of the dial and the strap is also a challenge."

Limited to 250 pieces, the Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto timepiece features a calligraphy strap

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