Introducing the MetaWatch: a collaboration with Frank Nuovo

Introducing the MetaWatch: a collaboration with Frank Nuovo

The art of the glance

Image: Metawatch

Art of the glance by MetaWatch aims to create style, consciousness and a courtesy to others while staying close to all things “meta”

Arguably, our dependency on smartphones and the constant need to be tied to technology comes with a social cost. There have been many reports and studies into how society is rapidly changing owing to the digital age. Personal interaction - one-on-one is rapidly declining - with people communicating via the world of social media, instant messaging and email more often that chatting face to face. 

Smartwatches and wearables have enjoyed an increase in popularity over the last 6 months, with the Pebble raising over $10m via Kickstarter and the rumoured imminent arrival of Apple's iWatch. The appeal of wearables is in their attempt to try to reverse some of the unsociability of living in the digital age - enabling the wearer to subtly check emails, messages and social media by simply glancing at their wrist. 

The newest wearable on the market - MetaWatch - is unique in that it looks and acts like a luxury timepiece rather than a kitschy gadget. The MetaWatch has been designed in collaboration with Frank Nuovo - the man who helped make Nokia the first mega-brand of mobile communications way back when, later launching Vertu. MetaWatch calls its new model "a personal behaviour 'patch' - aiming to ease mobile checking-in dependency."

Aiming to collide the art of fashion and luxury with technology - or as they like to put it "Art of the Glance", prices and release dates for the MetaWatch are yet to be announced. 

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