New collection: Les Perles de Chanel

New collection: Les Perles de Chanel

A fine selection of precious pieces

Image: Buro 24/7 Russia

A lynchpin of the label's aesthetic, pearls certainly mean a lot to Chanel. Join Buro 24/7 in an exploration to discover its latest array...

During haute couture fashion week earlier this year Chanel presented its latest collection of haute joaillerie. Titled Les Perles de Chanel, the favourite precious gem of Coco Chanel, the fine jewellery line plays on the elegance and femininity of pearls by surrounding them with other beautiful stone arrangements.

In this rare and finely detailed collection, Chanel pairs pearls with some of the brand's other signature themes, such as camellias, majestic lions (the main theme of the brand's previous haute joaillerie collection), and even astronomic constellations.

A rainbow of different types of cultured pearls can be found within the different themes of the collection, in varying sizes, shapes and colours. Exquisite oyster pearls from the South Seas, Tahiti and Japan are found alongside freshwater mussel pearls – each presented in a variation of colour options such as gold, black, pink, grey and white – blending in perfectly with white and yellow gold, diamonds, blue tourmalines, aquamarines and amethysts.

Les Perles de Chanel houses four themes: classic Madmoiselle, evening jewels 1932, a floral selection called Camélia and colourful combinations, Baroque

It's a collection that can't help but cement the image of Coco Chanel wearing pearls being forever synonymous with the label, and for those in any doubt, "She wore them in earrings, chokers, short necklaces or row upon row of long strands, and took them off to sleep," explains the brand.

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