Hermès unveils its latest jewellery collection

Hermès unveils its latest jewellery collection

Unshackled luxury

Image: Roe Ethridge

This weekend, Hermès presented three new sets of jewels in Paris, continuing on its running theme of the horse, dominating the French fashion house since it began

Designed by Pierre Hardy  who took over the jewellery department at Hermès over the past six years ­ has been constantly reinventing the look of the house's high-end jewels.

Inspired by a horse's head tack and Hermès' silk scarves, the new collection features jewels in the shapes of blue suede straps, a snaffle bit, a noseband, a headpiece and even a throat latch, each becoming golden, diamond-set jewels, in a set called Brides de Gala, 'the bridle deconstructed'.

Unlike previous collections, which have included gold whips set with diamonds and rings and chains in the form of hooves and horses' heads, the new selection is elegant, and eerily beautiful with new pieces that move Hermès old motifs into a new stable.