Hermès presents ‘Of Mastery and Time’ exhibition at The Dubai Mall

Hermès presents ‘Of Mastery and Time’ exhibition at The Dubai Mall

A special horological showcase

Image: Hermès

La Montre Hermès presents 'Of Mastery and Time' to the region, a special horological exhibition held at The Dubai Mall

Having displayed some of the Maison's exceptional timepieces within a unique setting, La Montre Hermès  played with time and offered visitors to its 'Of Mastery and Time' exhibition a captivating insight into Hermès' flair for haute horlogerie.

"It was a pleasure to be in Dubai and to present our latest exceptional pieces, which underline our commitment to constantly surprising our customers and showcasing our levels of craftsmanship and very special techniques," said Luc Perramond, CEO of La Montre Hermès. He continued, "'Of Mastery and Time' illustrated the binary rhythm of day and night with two distinct spaces. With the 'day' exhibition area, bright and welcoming, and the profound blue of the 'night' lounge, we invited visitors to dream and witness our creativity." 

On display was the Arceau Lift, the first Hermès flying tourbillon watch, inspired by the historical premises of Hermès at 24, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The double H topping the tourbillon carriage and the barrel bridge of the Arceau Lift reproduces one of the emblematic motifs featured in the interior design of the boutique, above the door of the Lift after which it is named. It was also on display at the brand's elegent Baselworld presentation recently.

'Of Mastery and Time' also featured the Pendentif Boule, the Heure H with baguette diamonds and the Cape Cod styles in gold – also set with baguette diamonds, amongst many others.