The £110,000 Apple Watch custom fit-out from Goldgenie

The £110,000 Apple Watch custom fit-out from Goldgenie

The Spectrum collection

Goldgenie have designed a £110,000 diamond encrusted customisation of the Apple Watch Edition. Discover the new definition of the ultimate 'arm candy' here...

There is a palpable (gold) rush in the customisable sector to produced the ultimate fit-out for the upcoming Apple Watch. Established gilding greats, Goldgenie, are the latest contenders to toss their bedazzled hat into the ring, by way of the 'Spectrum' collection. 

Taking the already premium Apple Watch Edition (Apple's highest priced and only 'luxury' product) Spectrum takes the stainless steel and 18 karat gold iterations and has encrusted each and every link of the wrist strap in diamonds, crowning the control dial button with a statement diamond. 

For those who want to look beyond the Apple designed frameworks, with diamond additions poured on, Goldgenie has also created a range of entirely new luxe straps crafted from premium crocodile, calf skin and python in a range of enticing colourways that range from vivid fuchsia to muted neutral. 

Prices for the full diamante designs can fetch £110,000, and the leather designs start at £2,000. Goldgenie founder, Laban Roomes, asserts these valuable creations are the perfect reminder that time is precious.



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