Introducing Fendi's newest timepiece: Serellia

Introducing Fendi's newest timepiece: Serellia

Ultra refined and ultra feminine

Text: Chloe Allan

Fendi's Selleria watch now becomes more feminine, modern and more luxurious than ever...

Introducing Fendi's newest luxury timepiece, Serellia. The Italian luxury house began its foray into the world of luxury timepieces in 1988 and following Fendi has unveiled some of the most iconic wrist designs for women and men the world over.

The design of the new Serellia dial is inspired by a Karl Lagerfeld sketch, which was created in 1971. Fendi brings the sketch to life in the new geometrically-patterned mother-of-pearl dial. Using a combination of Italian taste and Swiss craftsmanship, the new Serellia is available with interchangable coloured straps in two designs:

1. Designed with interchangeable straps, the new Selleria becomes more feminine enhanced by 68 shimmering diamonds. 

Fendi Serellia

2. Designed in two-tone steel with yellow plated-bezel, the geometric design on the dial is inspired by designer Karl Lagerfeld's sketch. 

Fendi Serellia

The Fendi Serellia timepiece is now available in all Fendi Boutiques in the Middle East.