Exclusive: Swarovski looks back on collaborations with Dutch designer Tord Boontje

Marking 120 years

Buro 24/7 Middle East brings you an exclusive first look at the latest edition of Swarovski’s celebratory video series, marking a landmark 120 years. See Dutch designer Tord Boontje look back on a history of collaborations here…

As Swarovski continues to celebrate its 120th anniversary with an enchanting video series, Buro 24/7 Middle East presents an exclusive first look at the latest instalment, focussing on the collaborative projects with Dutch designer Tord Boontje. 

Boontje has worked on a total of 12 unique collaborative projects with the luxury crystal brand, starting with chandelier creations including the famous Blossom for Swarovski Crystal Palace, which later bloomed into a jewellery design for Atelier Swarovski, and a number of other sparkling creations. 

Take a look at the video above and see Boontje reminisce about the different creations, with a particular highlight noted as the unforgettable Silent Light christmas tree, commissioned by the V&A museum and created in partnership with Alexander McQueen

Boontje earned his foundation at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the London Royal College of Art, going on to found the Tord Boontje Studio in 1996 where he continues to develops innovative designs, some of which have earned his prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Award, which has been bestowed to him twice.