Introducing the Dior VIII Montaigne timepiece

Introducing the Dior VIII Montaigne timepiece

The luxury of time

"Almost anything goes with grey – so it's a good colour for accessories." – Christian Dior

The number eight is a somewhat magical one for Christian Dior. October 8 1946, was the day of the opening of his couture house on Avenue Montaigne, in the VIII (8th) arrondissement of Paris and "En Huit" (In Eight), the name of his first collection.

So it was only natural that the first ceramic timepiece imagined by Dior received, in addition to the name of the creator, those 4 simple and obvious characters: VIII.

Many other Dior codes are translated onto the wristwatch, too: the architectural line, the allusion to the 'Bar' suit, the many precious and lightweight versions and a refined, feminine appeal.


The Dior VIII Montaigne not only pays tribute to the house's historical address, but also pushes inspiration to the emblematic colour of the French 18thcentury, grey.

The shade of grey was ever so highly thought of by the couturier, "It is the most elegant neutral colour", he wrote in his Little Dictionary of Fashion in 1954, and it soon became iconic for the Dior label... And displayed once again here in a most elegant wristwatch style, all coming together nicely when the clock strikes eight.