Boucheron's universe expands with new Animals novelties

Boucheron's universe expands with new Animals novelties

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Supplied

Boucheron's range of High Jewellery pieces are just as playful as they are pleasing to look at as they launch a new collection...

Whilst nature has long been a part of Boucheron's history, so too has a parade of animals. Since 1866, the launch of several High Jewellery pieces have seen animals as a source of inspiration.

For this season's novelties, animals including a hedgehog, snake, parrot and hummingbirds have been reimagined into a stunning collection that came to life in the hands of jewellers. From earrings, necklaces and rings, the collection has been beautifully crafted with rich materials and techniques including diamond-paved at the edges, black sapphire, yellow gold and citrin.

Boucheron's universe expands with new Animals novelties (фото 1)

Want to know some of Boucheron's styling tips for its Animals collection? "It goes perfectly with the casual look: jeans, blazer and ballerina pumps. It also looks great with a simple little dress. But the dainty Chickadee also knows how to celebrate the spring, so why not pair it with floral prints, fresh colours and even a splash of brightly-coloured jewellery."

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