A new name in fashion: Alighieri jewellery

A new name in fashion: Alighieri jewellery

Divine inspiration

A London-based jewellery designer has made it her mission to create beautiful costume jewellery pieces around the poetic ethos that nothing is perfect…

As it name alludes, Alighieri – a new, striking and really quite contemporary accessories brand – is actually inspired by words written in the Middle Ages; Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy' poetry specifically; widely considered to the greatest literary work in the Italian language.

Each piece created corresponds to one of the poet's one hundred poems, encounters with mythical creatures, scraggy landscapes, and terrifying demons included.

"Inspired by his odyssey, I imagined these characters in gold, wrapped around my neck, and weaving their way through my fingers, as I read," describes London-based designer Rosh Mahtani, who studied French and Italian at Oxford University. 

Upon graduating in 2012, Rosh was inspired to create what she describes as 'modern heirlooms', battered and bruised looking handmade pieces each uniquely beautiful in its own way, born from the literature she had studied: Dante in particular. 

Working day jobs in luxury retail and publishing whilst honing her jewellery making skills by night, Rosh finally launched the line last year, credibly presenting a label firmly rooted in literature and travel – telling a story of whirlwind adventures, creatures and landscapes ready to explore, and it wasn't long before heavyweight e-commerce retailers such as Avenue 32 and Farfetch sat up and took notice.

Alighieri jewellery

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