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In conversation with jeweller to the stars, Maria Tash...

Artful ears have been having quite a moment recently and it’s all courtesy of fine jewellery and luxury piercing brand, Maria Tash. The eponymous label, which originally coined the term “curated ear”, continues to garner immense success in the region with her approach to ear curation and of course, diamonds, and we spoke to the celebrity jewellery to discuss her view of the Arab woman, her creative strategy within the Middle Eastern market and the philosophy of her brand…

How would you describe the style and universe of Maria Tash?

Maria Tash sits at the intersection of beauty, fashion, and jewellery. We occupy a unique space which truly sets the brand apart. For beauty, it’s about finding a metal colour that resonates with your complexion. When it comes to fashion, the art of curating an ear is analogous to the art of putting together an outfit. It’s very personal to each person. And jewellery design is obvious but I continue to push the boundaries with cutting-edge designs and new never-before-seen placements.

What is your view of the Arab woman and her approach to jewellery by Maria Tash?

I have found that our Middle Easter clients have tastes similar to mine. They love bigger diamond pieces, especially pear and marquise-shaped diamonds. They are bolder not only with the jewellery selections but the number of piercings as well. Even if they cover their ears in public, the choices tend to be bolder, which I love.

Could you please highlight the piercing, jewellery and aesthetic philosophy of the brand?

I have always been focused on curation and self-expression. My concept of the Curated Ear® has introduced clients to delicate, elaborate, and versatile jewellery designed to be mixed and matched based on personal style and anatomy. I have spent over 20 years creating jewellery that complements the shape of the ear and that can be worn continuously and comfortably. I want the pieces to feel like a second skin, and I pay very close attention to ensuring they are eye-catching from every angle with gemstones that have maximum brilliance.

I place great emphasis on ear piercings being in a forward direction as one is looking straight ahead, not necessarily perpendicular to the tissue like piercing guns do. This is called “forward facing” and all of my expert piercers are trained on this. This angle flatters the wearer, not the tissue and is aesthetically more pleasing.

What makes the marquise so iconic?

The marquise cut diamond has a slender silhouette. Its extended length and shallow depth set it apart from other diamond cuts and allow for pieces to sit flush against the skin. And with an average of 56 facets and expert symmetry, the light return is spectacular.

What is Maria Tash’s creative strategy in the Middle Eastern market?

Our Middle Eastern clients appreciate the same pieces I wear myself. I can design what I would want to wear, put it out in the Dubai or Kuwait store, and have confidence someone will appreciate it and buy it. I can design boldly and have an audience that is more receptive than in the West. I feel like I can design with freedom for the Middle Eastern client.

After two years of lockdown in Europe and currently in China, do you think that the luxury boutiques still have a prominent position in the new, highly digitalized world?

The pandemic forced us to quickly mobilize and start online live styling and consultations with lead piercers around the world. I’m proud to say we offered virtual styling and piercing sessions in five different languages. After offering this to clients for over 2 years, clients are excited to be able to walk into our stores and get in-person consultations. A silver lining is that we now know we can service the client in many ways, whether in-store, online or via social. It is exciting to connect on so many levels.