\"Gold! I love its warmth, its power and energy\" – Eugenia Bruni on luxury jewellery

"Gold! I love its warmth, its power and energy" – Eugenia Bruni on luxury jewellery

In conversation with Pasquale Bruni's Creative Director

Interview: Farouk Chekoufi

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Pasquale Bruni

Jennifer Lopez's diamonds are often etched with the name Pasquale Bruni as are the red carpet jewels of many celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival. Here the brand's creative force tells all...

M eet Eugenia Bruni, the Creative Director of Pasquale Bruni, the Italian luxury jewellery brand, which was created in 1997 by her father. In 2001 Eugenia took over as Creative Director and today, Buro 24/7 Middle East caught up with the creative on the Cannes red carpet to discuss diamonds, design and the digital world...

Welcome to Cannes. Tell us about your presence on the red carpet...

We're at Cannes, where the light of our jewels will be recognised. Celebrities choose to wear our jewels and they wear jewels that they really feel. We create them with such authentic vision as well.

Tell us in your words about the brand, Pasquale Bruni...

My father started working at a very young age in the world of jewellery, at the goldsmith workshops of Valenza - the cradle of all made-in-Italy fine jewellery. Instantly fascinated by the craft, he worked side by side with the best Italian goldsmiths and jewellers, real artists whose creations were sought by Italian and international celebrities. He quickly mastered the techniques and learnt the secrets of the art, planting the seeds of what would become the main signature of the House: a meticulous eye for detail.

Tell us more about your high jewellery collection...

Atelier is a dream come true, a jewel that sprung from a perfect natural stone, a rare beauty whose colour is seductive. Atelier also gives us the chance to teach the younger generation the know how of Master Italian goldsmiths, transmitting them a contemporary vision without losing this antique craft.

Diamonds have always played an important role in Pasquale Bruni designs. Tell us more about them?

Our pavé is unique. The stone-setting method combines the expertise of master artisans with the perfect harmony of gold and selected gems. It seems like silk to the touch and each jewel has a unique light.

What made you want to become a jewellery designer?

Growing up close to a great artist like my father, inspired me to work hard.

Eugenia Bruni

What's your first memory of jewellery?

When I was a child, I usually played at our goldsmith; I designed hearts, moons, stars and flowers. It was such a magical place, I got really attached.

Can you describe your design studio and the creative team working with you?

My creative studio is an atelier of ideas. It's the place where emotions come alive. I have a great team! Time helps create a winning team, people that work with heart and grow up within the big Pasquale Bruni family.

How do you describe your passion and your relationship with jewellery?

It's my first love. I was born into this world and my love story with jewels is always beautiful, passionate and fascinating.

What has changed the most since you've started designing?

The most important change happened when I was appointed Creative Director of the house. I wanted the jewels to become an expression of freedom, femininity and feeling with emotion and beauty.

How do you keep your ideas and your creative dialogue fresh?

I look around, a lot. I see beyond and I love surrounding myself with positive energy. The world is a piece of art and I feel inspired every moment, it's incredible how much we are able to give, create and discover.

Your favourite stone?

Rose quartz, it's the stone of universal love. A woman mustn't lose her pink soul and if she does, this stone will ensure she finds love and herself again.

Your favourite metal?

Gold. I love its warmth, its power and energy.

What does luxury mean to you today?


What is your vision of the words see-now-buy-now?

Every vision has a particular reality and a right to exist.

What do you think of social media? 

It makes us closer to those who love us.

Who is your muse today?

Green Tara, the heart of Mother Nature, who I've dedicated collections to. For a long time I've found her to be the real essence of nature and each collection has a "fil rouge" with nature.

What do you think about the Middle Eastern market?

The Middle Eastern market is important, they love our jewels. We want to continue to develop this relationship and invest for the future.

And your next steps for the brand?

Growing our desire to create beauty, know-how and ethics.

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