Exclusive: Lily Aldridge on being \"one of the sparkling stars in the Bulgari constellation\"

Exclusive: Lily Aldridge on being "one of the sparkling stars in the Bulgari constellation"

Bulgari's new brand ambassador

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Bulgari have just announced Lily Aldridge as their new jewellery ambassador. Here, the model talks to us exclusively about being the face of the coveted collection...

F ollowing in the footsteps of Julianne Moore and Carla Bruni, Lily Aldridge has joined Bulgari as the face of their Fall 16/17 jewellery campaign. The American model, with Italian heritage, speaks exclusively to Buro 24/7 about her new role, why she refuses to live in New York City and why she'll model until she's 100...

  1. How do you feel being the new Brand Ambassador of Bulgari? 

Bulgari covets its status as the Jeweller to the Stars, so I feel privileged to represent this exquisite Maison, to be one of the sparkling stars in the Bulgari constellation.

Bulgari's Italian soul infuses joy and life into the world, and I sincerely hope to honour its distinctive approach.

It is such an inspiring brand, and, in a way, Bulgari was already familiar to me because I somehow feel connected with its daring spirit, and to its unmistakable charisma.

What is Bulgari for you?

To me Bulgari is not just a visionary brand, it also represents a Roman way of life that balances glamour with indulgence, and enjoyment with exuberance. For Bulgari "living larger" is the only way to live, it is about living the love for extravagance, the joy of audaciousness,  the desire of unique and individual self-expression, a life in bold full-colour.  

Lily Aldridge for Bulgari

Did you enjoy shooting the Bulgari campaign in Rome?

I loved these days! When in Rome, you understand that being Roman is a true way of life. It is a unique spirit, which is social, indulgent, exuberant. It is glamorous. It is a life lived at the very fullest of its emotion and it's contagious. You become a part of it!

Do you have a special relationship to Rome and to Italy?

My mother's side of the family comes from Italy, so I feel very attached to the Italian roots, which Bulgari and I have in common. Also jewellery is something very personal, that should feel familiar and at the same time let you live extraordinary emotions. This is the same synergy I have with Italy, especially with Rome!

What is your relationship with jewellery?

I simply love jewellery! It's always my favourite part of getting ready. I adore building my style around a piece of jewellery, especially when I'm dressed very casually in my favourite jeans and my oversized white shirt. It makes me feel glamourous and beautiful in the most natural way.

Do you have a favourite piece among Bulgari's jewellery collections?

The B.zero1 ring in the three different golds! It has such a strong character and it looks more like a masterpiece of design than a simple ring. Also, I adore the Serpenti collection. I think it intensively represents the power of women.

Bulgari's Stéphane Gerschel, Lily Aldridge and Daniel Paltridge in New York

Which character traits does one need to make it in the modelling industry? Is being stress-resistant required?

I think to make it in the modelling industry you have to be very confident in yourself, a very hard worker and professional.

Do the requirements of a runway model differ from models who do more commerical work? 

Well, I think now runway models and commercial models are very similar. It's kind of merged and the business has changed so much. It used to be very separated but now I think it's all blended in one industry.

What helps you cope with the pressure of being a supermodel?

I don't live in New York (laughs). I live in a smaller town and I have my family and that keeps you very grounded.

How can you define freedom?

Freedom is just being yourself, being happy, healthy and standing up for yourself and just being a good human.

Have you ever thought of quitting what you do? Do you plan on modelling forever?

I do plan on modelling forever (laughs), until I'm 100.

Now, discover another new addition to the Bulgari collection, their soon-to-be-released holiday collection.

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