Buro 24/7 Interview: Tamar Svanidze from Eshvi

Buro 24/7 Interview: Tamar Svanidze from Eshvi

Meaning 'fang' in Georgian, Eshvi is a brand to watch out for

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Ana Sturua

A London-based brand that was founded on desire to create strong statement jewellery with a distinct style and playfulness

A shared passion unified two Georgian sisters in law, Tamar Svanidze and Natia Chkhartishvili to form Eshvi, meaning 'fang' in their native tongue. Hailing from a country that is no stranger to creating fabulous jewellery, they wanted to start their own label and transform their lives with their own take on the craft.

Buro 24/7 speaks to Tamar about how her business began:


Tamar can you tell us how all started, how did you decide to begin your own business?

Since I moved to London I started to feel  that I wanted to be part of this industry but my passion towards fashion is even older. My education at Saint Martin's gave me chance to expand my touch points with the fashion industry even more. Since Natia also moved to London our visions got combined. We ended up choosing jewellery as we discovered that this is the part of the fashion industry we both love most. A combination of Natia's vast experience in this business and my sense of style helped us to build Eshvi as a brand and to find its uniqueness which is evidently presented in each piece.

What does the name mean?
Eshvi means 'a fang' in Georgian and is generally understood to be a good luck charm. This iconic symbol is a distinguishing design detail of the brand and features centrally of subtly in the pieces.

Tell us about the inspirations behind your collections
When you live in London you get inspirations and ideas from everyday life but of course we always take a look and foresee what is trendy and after we find our way to create something very special for our customers.

We always work on a mood board with our designer where we present many different ideas, after that, designer begins to work on visual side of pieces. My ideas are usually inspired by architecture and shapes which I discover in everyday life.

What does success mean to you?
We are very happy when celebrities choose our pieces; however it is equally essential for us to see people in the streets, with different sense of style and personalities wearing our jewellery. We want to make every woman's day more beautiful stylish and of course lucky.

Can you describe the characteristics of your brand?
I think that one of the most important characteristics is that it goes well with many different kind of looks, also blends with daytime and evening.

Our team and our designer love statement jewellery. It is through this love that we produce bold and strong statement pieces. They're made to help strong women, make her trendy and confident at the same time.

Which is your favourite item created so far?
The last collection that we created called "Robot" is my favourite so far. The inspiration of this collection was Lego and robots but other details we will keep as a secret. Every item from this collection is very close to my nature and personality.

What do you hope to achieve in 2014?
From the next season Eshvi will present accessories and fine jewellery line. This is very exciting for us and we are getting ready to discover totally different world of fashion. We hope that everyone will find our new lines unique and interesting.