An ode to Coco: Chanel jewellery presents 'Sous le signe du lion'

An ode to Coco: Chanel jewellery presents 'Sous le signe du lion'

'I was born under the sign of the Leo'

Discover what drove Gabrielle Chanel to fall in love with the lion and take closer look at the latest jewellery collection to launched by the iconic French label…

Gabrielle Chanel's fascination with the lion simply begins with her star sign, which is ruled by the king of the zodiac: The Leo. 

A symbol of strength, the lion represented that eternal drive and spark with which she led her life. Gabrielle's love of the lion flourished in her first visit to Venice in 1920 where the designer was swept away from Paris following the death of Boy Capel, the great love of her life, by her only true friend, Misia who drew her there with the swaying power of Venice's tiepolo skies, purple-strewn dawns and golden lions as a new distraction. 

An ode to Coco: Chanel jewellery presents 'Sous le signe du lion' (фото 1)

Early one morning, Gabrielle caught sight of the lion from a distance upon entering Saint Mark's square, appearing to float in the air between sky and water. High up in the basilica's pediment, the lion had a conqueror's air poised over a blue, mosaic sky studded with golden stars... gave her more reassurance that these stars, more symbols that had followed her from her childhood, were overflowing in this new city that she had made her temporary home. Each time she had returned she found strength there, a new lease of life that radically changed the course of her path, ideas and her loves. 

Appearing in the Chanel jewellery world for the first time in 2012, the lion once again rules the den of the Parisian luxury brand in the new jewellery collection entitled 'Sous le signe du lion'. The new collection has been launched in two new design themes: Lion 'Arty' which takes its form out of a single gold monolith and Lion 'Pépites' with its lined sketched out in curved lines. 

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