Louis Vuitton introduces new monogram designs to fine jewellery collection

Louis Vuitton introduces new monogram designs to fine jewellery collection

Idylle, Star, Sun, Fusion and Dentelle

Louis Vuitton expands it's translation of the iconic monogram insignia into luxury jewellery with an extensive collection that includes the recently unveiled Idylle collection together with new luxury designs, which all highlight the signature emblems...

The trademark Louis Vuitton four point star and four point flower, that accompanied by the LV signature comprises the emblematic monogram for the French brand, are instantly recognisable, even when removed from their familiar formations on luxury leather goods and travel items. In a range of new incarnations, the symbols form the latest fine jewellery collection from Louis Vuitton drawing inspiration from the five themes; Idylle, Sun, Star, Fusion and Dentelle, with each one bringing a new form to the iconic monogram symbols.

The ‘Idylle' collection brings three shades of shining gold; yellow, rose and white, to an easy-to-wear modern and youthful lineup of mix and match pieces. The Monogram Idylle Ring, which entwines all three golden hues and diamonds is a stand out piece in the collection. 

An endless source of inspiration for the new season, the ‘Sun’ collection radiates yellow and white gold with shimmering diamonds and luxury mother of pearl. Whilst the ‘Dentelle' line draws on a more intricate lace detailing where gold and diamonds interlace in a filigree style elegance. The lace weaving makes fine diamonds appear to be floating on skin in intricate ring designs.

The ‘Fusion’ line does just what it promises, by fusing the ‘Dentelle' lace features and ‘Idylle' concepts for a combined design flair of mixed metals and delicate details. ‘Star’ details are naturally drawn from the signature monogram which effortlessly lends itself to the luxury jewellery designs. With delicate tennis bracelets and stunning stud earrings. There is something for everyone in the diverse collection, that still maintains an unmistakably Louis Vuitton signature.