Lucky charms: A jewellery collection by Noor Fares

Lucky charms: A jewellery collection by Noor Fares

Pretty protection pieces

Lucky motifs feature heavily in the fine jewellery collections of Noor Fares, with many designs being engraved on the inside with an eye, and thought to offer the wearer protection...

As a graduate of Central Saint Martins college in London and well connected within the industry, Noor Fares has always had a penchant for fine and unusual jewellery – with a focus on talisman properties.

For her current collection, she looked for inspiration in the legends and traditions of different cultures, including of course from her native Lebanon. Almost all of her pieces advocate the protection of the owner towards evil spirits, and similar troubles from the modern world: gossip, career setbacks and breaking heels. That kind of thing...

Click through the collection below, now:

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