First look: Christian Dior unveil 'Rose Des Vents' jewellery collection

First look: Christian Dior unveil 'Rose Des Vents' jewellery collection

Steering style

Discover the new Rose Des Vents jewellery collection from Christian Dior. Steeped in special meaning and symbology from the life of Monsieur Dior and crafted from precious stones, this collection have you steering the style ship home...

Dior steers style with the new Rose des Vents jewellery collection. Translating as 'wind rose' there is, rather deceptively, nothing floral about this lineup, instead the rose des vents is an old maritime nautical navigation symbol – an eight pronged star. 

Steeped in meaning from stories of the life of Monsieur Dior; the name of his childhood villa, Les Rhumbs, which is an old expression for the four compass points, to the designers lucky number, 8, the significance of Victoire de Castellane's motif choice is manifold. 

However, it doesn't take a Christian Dior aficionado or a maritime enthusiast to appreciate the delicate simplicity of this new collection. The sparkling designs centre around four precious jewels; mother of pearl, pink opal, turquoise and lapis lazuli, which features on one side of the elegant medallion, with the rose des vents on the other side, in either rose or yellow gold with a diamond at the centre. 

The jewellery collection, Rose des Vents, is due for release on June 3 around the world with an early release in France on May 11. The new lineup will consist of four bracelets, four necklaces and one long necklace, prices range from 1,350 euros to 8,000 euros. 

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