Cartier unveil beautiful new short film 'The Proposal'

Cartier unveil beautiful new short film 'The Proposal'

Love connoisseurs

Cartier pays homage to love with a new short film directed by Sean Ellis just in time for Valentine's Day...

Cartier have blessed us with yet another short film to pull on our heart strings. 'The Proposal' stages three love stories, three couples, and three unexpected declarations, with the city of love as its backdrop – Paris.

Directed by Sean Ellis (known for his work on Cashback in 2004, and The Broken in 2008) the clip has three seperate scenarios that seamlessly flit back and forth, all beautifully showcasing that special moment between two loved ones.

'Proposal in the elevator', 'Proposal at the museum' and 'Proposal at the airport' all – of course – feature some rather remarkable Cartier diamonds encased inside the iconic red box, namely the stunning 'Solitaire Destinee' and 'Trinity Ruban Solitaire' rings, which are available in stores now.