The story behind Azza Fahmy's jewels

The story behind Azza Fahmy's jewels

Inspired by the tribes of Africa

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Azza Fahmy's jewellery marks a celebration of global arts and cultures, and this time around, Africa inspires.

Years of research and constant inspiration have led Azza Fahmy to the culmination of her latest 'African' 2016 collection. As the name suggests, the collection is a celebration of African culture and traditions but more importantly, it acts as a tribute to all means of artistic self-expression discovered during her travels amidst African countries and valleys.

Taking inspiration from body art, geometric motifs, masks and beads, every piece of handcrafted jewellery tells a story. One of the stories tells of the the Fulani tribe in Africa. Known for their traditional jewellery, the women, in a display of wealth, adorn themselves with large gold earrings that can reach up to five inches in size.  

With 200 artisans handling the collection, fusing ancient jewellery-making techniques with contemporary designs, Fahmy's latest collection is an ode to all the muses on her African adventures.

The 'African' 2016 collection is now available in Bloomingdale's, The Dubai Mall. Take a look through the sparkling collection here...