Object of desire: Untitled&Co jumpers

Object of desire: Untitled&Co jumpers

Sweet nostalgia

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Browns Fashion

Featuring designs dedicated to the old school era of rap music alongside images that hold the same nostalgic value from animated Disney films

Untitled&Co's jumpers take iconic films, songs and pop culture to create tongue-in-cheek slogan sweatshirts. From the Clueless-inspired 'As If' to Beyoncé's 'Surf Board'. Untitled&Co was founded by former model Cameron Wilson and fashion student Chloe Sam-Mcgrath in late 2006. Evolving from a photography project, over the past seven years, their aesthetic finally translated to a high-end playful street wear collection. 

The collection is available online at Browns and the Untitled&Co e-shop