Six items Buro. editors never get on a plane without

Six items Buro. editors never get on a plane without

Here's how to survive a flight, Buro. style...

Text: Maddison Glendinning

Flights don't have to mean forgoing essentials for the time you're in the air. Here's what we never board without...

With many of us preparing to fly home from our holidays this week, we're busy assembling our outfits and luggage. And whilst what we're wearing is all-important, so too is taking care of ourselves on the flight on the way home. 

Planes are renowned to be less than ideal places to spend long periods of time but a few creature comforts can go a long way to ensuring you step off the flight looking as refreshed as possible. Here are the six things we don't board without...

1. Lip balm

Seems like a no-brainer, but taking lip balm on a flight is a must to ensure your lips stay hydrated. Planes are one of the most dehydrating environments thanks to the air pressure and altitude that's pumped out in the duration of the flight so a good quality, super-moisturising lip balm will help fight the dryness. Glossier's Balm Dotcom is an editor favourite (but difficult to get your hands on unless your Stateside), so too is Nuxe's Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm made with honey extract to protect and soothe your pout as you fly. Plus, it's available at Sephora so you can pick yourself up one before you go. 

2. Water

Speaking of dehydration, drinking enough water on a flight is crucial. The humidity on a plane is around 10-15 per cent, which is significantly lower than regular indoor humidity. This means that you'll lose a bunch of water (around two litres for men, and just over a litre and a half for women) that needs replacing to ensure you don't arrive dehydrated. As for the amount of water to drink on the flight, expert opinions vary but they agree that your intake should be frequent. It helps if you hydrate pre-flight also. We like to get in two or more litres before take-off, and take an empty bottle with us on the flight to fill up as needed.

3. Face mask

For the very same reasons we've mentioned above, it's vital that you treat your skin to a little pampering in the air. You might feel momentarily ridiculous for masking-up on a flight, but trust us when we tell you that your skin will thank you. We love Charlotte Tilbury's Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask because of its ease-of-use. The sheet is dry, meaning your face won't drip, but comes pre-packed with plenty of skin-loving ingredients like vitamins, peptides and floral extracts that penetrate deep into your skin upon application. Plus, the mask is equipped with slow-release technology and leaves your skin hydrated for a whopping eight hours. Who doesn't like stepping off the plane looking like a Victoria's Secret model..?

4. Headphones

We cannot stress the importance of noise-cancelling headphones enough. From blocking out crying children to enhancing your movie marathon, there's no shortage of pros about owning your own pair of luxe headphones. We like the Beats Studio3 Wireless pair in grey/gold because they're as chic as they are practical. 

5. Kindle

We're never without a Kindle on our flights. Its built-in backlight means you can read in any lighting conditions and switch between books on-the-go if you get bored of one during the flight. Michelle Obama's Becoming is at the top of our to-read list this holiday season. 

6. Scarf

And finally, we're never without a scarf on flights as it's the perfect multi-use item to keep you cosy and comfortable. Cold? Bundle yourself up in the scarf as a blanket. Tired? Bunch it up to create a soft pillow to rest your head on. Back hurting? Fold it into a rectangle and place it behind you for extra support. Honestly, it's a total lifesaver. We're pretty partial to the one above by Acne Studios, not least thanks to its neutral colouring and 80 per cent wool construction. 

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