Milan Fashion Week: Moschino Fall/Winter '17

Milan Fashion Week: Moschino Fall/Winter '17

Treasured trash

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: ImaxTREE

One man's trash, is another's treasure. That was the ethos for Jeremy Scott's Moschino Fall/Winter '17 collection. See the show now...

Kendall Jenner stormed out on to the runway wearing the first look of Jeremy Scott's vision for Moschino this season. Her stilettos punctured the cardboard covered runway, adding to the theatrics of the playful show, which raised questions about  whether "the best things in life are free" because as far as Scott is concerned, "couture is an attitude, it's not a price point".

What came next was a series of sub-culture references from mullet coats worn by models with frullet haircuts to cargo-printed pieces, teddy bear bags and thigh-high boots. This story made way for image-heavy prints, medallions and caps. It was perhaps the trash can hat, the girl carrying the 'rat sack', another dressed as a dry cleaning bag and the head-to-toe leather glove outfit that raised eyebrows.

Discover the Moschino Fall/Winter '17 collection now...

Then shop the collection now on before browse through Emilio Pucci's Fall/Winter '17 collection.

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