Google's most fashionable words of 2014 revealed

Google's most fashionable words of 2014 revealed

“How to wear a scarf”

A year in search – Buro 24/7 brings you the top ten most searched fashion questions, red carpet looks and designers of 2014 according to Google...

If you need advice on what to wear to an interview, a wedding, a first date or a concert you are not alone. In 2014 these were some of the top ten trending fashion questions searched on Google. Other key questions included "how to wear a maxi skirt" and "what colour matches brown." 

Topping the list as the most searched fashion questions was – "how to wear a scarf". A search that now generates more than 50 million search results. 

The list of top ten ten most googled fashion designers this year includes some surprises. Video blogger and Aéropostale designer Bethany Mota, came in first place, followed by Kate Spade, Rachel Roy, Valentino, Alexander Wang, Sherri Hill – a prom dress designer and Tina Knowles. Also featuring on the list were three designers who sadly passed away this year – Oscar de la Renta, L’Wren Scott and Edith Flagg. 

The ten most searched red carpet looks, according to Google, also threw in some surprises. They were; Rihanna, Lorde, Lupita Nyong’o, Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Zendaya, Ben Kingsley, Solange Knowles, LeBron James and Kesha. 

Due to controversy, retirement, weddings, plastic surgery and hit films the 10 top-trending people in the world according to Google, in 2014 were, in order: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Tracy Morgan, Ray Rice, Tony Stewart, Iggy Azalea, Donald Sterling, Adrian Peterson, Renée Zellweger and Jared Leto.