Zara's new tagging system to bring faster fashion

Zara's new tagging system to bring faster fashion

Swift shoppers

Image: Zara

This week, the Spanish retail giant announced a new system to speed up the production process

The famed high-street chain – popular for its catwalk-inspired collections at accessible price points – is about to give its fans one more thing to love them for, turning out a new-season stock at its fastest rate ever. 

Zara will soon be rolling out a new stock control system (radio frequency identification system – or RFID) which will speed up the production process, using a new microprocessor-based tagging system.

This will allow items to be individually tracked from the factory all the way to point of sale, allowing for more efficient distribution and improved customer service.

Inditex SA, the chain's parent company, has confirmed that the new system is already being placed into 700 of its 6,000-plus stores.

The clever new system, will allow for more happy shoppers, for example, if a popular item if a popular item is selling out at a much faster rate than usual, stores will be able to replenish stock more quickly – this also applies if a particular size has sold out.