Zac Posen has a new gig at Brooks Brothers

Zac Posen has a new gig at Brooks Brothers

Creative Director of womenswear

Image: WWD

7 years since recruiting Thom Browne to steer towards a more fashion-forward collection, Brooks Brothers is now turning its attention to womenswear, hiring Zac Posen as creative director

The new job will see the 33-year-old designer handling all of the retailer's current design and merchant teams, alongside presentation for the women's label and brand developement. Posen will continue to design his own women's collection – which launched in 2001 – and will move forward with his other ventures, which include serving as a judge on Project Runway.

Brooks Bros.' womenswear division currently accounts for around 20 percent of the company's $1.2 billion annual sales. Since buying the company in 2001 Claudio Del Vecchio has slowly made an attempt to improve the womenswear:"The product today is better than it is perceived in the market," he said. "I think women are pleasantly surprised when they come into our stores."

Unfortunately, not as many women come into the stores as Del Vecchio would like. Queue Zac Posen. The hiring of the American designer, whose first collection will hit stores worldwide for Spring 2016, is hoped to spark interest in the product and draw attention.  Del Vecchio said Posen will "represent the company" in the market and "like anybody who works for us, will express his opinion" on product and presentation.

"This is our main women's collection, and if I didn't think he could deliver, I wouldn't risk it," Del Vecchio said. "It's not for PR, but he's a celebrity and I fully expect to get plenty of coverage and create traffic. But this is a business decision." 

Zac Posen to oversee women's for Brooks Brothers

Claudio Del Vecchio, chairman and chief executive officer of Brooks Brothers