Net-a-Porter resumes merger talks with Yoox

Net-a-Porter resumes merger talks with Yoox

Billion dollar baby

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Net-a-Porter is the subject of more speculation, as sources point to the fact that it has reprised merger talks with Italian eCommerce platform Yoox...

Following reports that may be bought out by global giant Amazon, luxury eCommerce leader Net-a-Porter is back in the news after sources have speculated that it has reopened its merger talks with Yoox.

Natalie Massanet's billion dollar baby – which is worth an impressive $1.65 billion – has reopened its merger potential with Italian online shop Yoox. According to an article published by the Business of Fashion, online fashion retailers Yoox and Richemont's Net-a-Porter are trying to resuscitate merger talks that took place more than a year ago to better fight cut-throat competition, industry sources say.

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