First look: Yazbukey's 'Turkish Delights' Autumn/Winter 14 collection

First look: Yazbukey's 'Turkish Delights' Autumn/Winter 14 collection

The Byzantine past fuses with the world of fresh fashion

Image: Yazbukey

Buro 24/7 Middle East unveils Yazbukey’s latest line for Autumn/Winter 14, with playful designs that combine today’s fashion references with antique elements from the history of Turkey

The unique accessory brand was created in March 2000, at the cusp of the millennium and was the brainchild of Yaz, an Ottoman princess whose family reigned in Egypt.

Since the beginning of the century, Yazbukey has produced a number of collections consisting of playful and creative accessories, that reference pop culture and historical elements in a complex way. Yaz has mastered every technical and structural aspect of Plexiglas, combining it with unusual partners such as metal or macramé.

After studying at Studio Berçot and working at prestigious fashion houses, including Margiela, Givenchy and Jeremy Scott, Yaz's universe constructed itself around the ornate: accessories for oneself, and also for the home, as she also launched Yazbukey Home Sweet Home.

The fun-filled world of her accessories can be seen in Yazbukey's newest collection, that range from figurative Karl Lagerfeld necklaces and scarves with a Turkish delight box design on it to Plexiglas jewellery made in motifs of stars and moons  Yazbukey is its own unique galaxy of exciting new fashion.