A new name in fashion: Xiao Li

A new name in fashion: Xiao Li

The princess of pastels

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Delicate candy colours, pumped up volumes, huge knitted sweaters and transparent shoes - meet Xiao Li, a graduate from The Royal College of Art

Twenty-six year old Xiao Li of China, was influenced by many designers for her 2013 collection, which she presented last June. She has completed internships with iconic British design houses - including both Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen. Besides these two designers, other inspiration can be seen in her graduate work from The Royal College of Art, with eccentricity inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière and an elegant use of volume inspired by the legendary Cristobal Balenciaga.

Special attention is given to knitwear - almost becoming the basis of the collection. "Traditional jersey is soft and shapeless" - said Lee in an interview with online magazine Dezeen - "I wanted to find out a new way to present knitwear and was influenced by modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga." Li uses layering to make these pieces - the voluminous garments are made from spacer fabric, which is two layers of textiles connected by filaments, holding the shape and making it appear lightweight: "I wanted to be sure that my collection is innovative, but still wearable " - explained the designer.

Xiao Li was one of the recent finalists in H&M Design Award 2014- a contest for young designers, students and graduates of  selected design schools around the world. 

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