Buro 24/7 selects ten of the most interesting quotes from three key players in attendance:

WWD Apparel & Retail Summit: Key quotes (фото 1)

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour on her team:

"I believe that you need to find a great team and allow them to follow their instincts. They work best when they feel the freedom and know that they are trusted. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than perfect shot or article, it is not similar to that what we discussed before training."

Anna Wintour on her new position as Creative Director of Conde Nast:

"In my new role, the most important thing for me, is to protect and maintain the editors, because that's they're making the magazines."

Anna Wintour on the risks:


"Risk is very important. I think that although the study of any matter plays a big role, in the end you still have to act according to instincts and feelings, and not be afraid to take risks."

WWD Apparel & Retail Summit: Key quotes (фото 2)

Michael Kors

Michael Kors on fashion:

"I have always adhered to the idea that fashion can transform people. Its power to change you, your mood and your life, faster than it could have done something else." 

Michael Kors on creating an atmosphere:

"When we started to open stores, we tried to create a mood of comfortable travel, which reflects the nature of my design."

Michael Kors on customer care:

"I've always treated my customers as if we were at one with them. I try to guess their desires ahead of themselves, understand how to update their wardrobe, but at the same time make it durable." 

WWD Apparel & Retail Summit: Key quotes (фото 3)

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang on inspiration:

"I'm inspired by everything. Going out of the house and walk the streets. Buyers inspire me. I like to go to Twitter and read something like," Oh God, I want these shoes re-released in a different color!"

Alexander Wang on social networks:

"To be honest, social media really scared me at first. I was very restrained, because I felt like it could be too easy to say too much, especially about my personal life. It was like a battle of brands." 

Alexander Wang on internships:

"I trained at Teen Vogue, Vogue, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam. I went to Parsons and was not sure which career path to take. Then I thought, why not try them all, and so I decided to work on the side of the editors, stylists, photographers and learn more about the entire process. It took about a year. "