Vivienne Westwood forced to defend her tax practices

Vivienne Westwood forced to defend her tax practices

The British designer speaks out

Vivienne Westwood has come under attack by a British newspaper that suggested her company is swerving its UK tax obligations. The designer has spoken out in defence of her company's and her own personal tax practices...

Vivienne Westwood may have a reputation for being part of the punk movement, and some of the anti-establishment connotations that go with it, but since The Sunday Telegraph published a story that suggests the designer has been avoiding paying her due taxes to the British Government, she has come out to defend her tax practices, which she says are all above board: "It is important to me that my business affairs are in line with my personal values. I am subject to UK tax on all of my income."

The allegations specially target a donation of £300,000 to the UK's Green Party. Westwood is an avid supporter of the environmentally conscious political party and she even used her Paris Fashion Week show as a platform to raise awareness for their cause. Westwood insists that this donation was made by her personally not by her company and is in no way illegitimate: 

"My personal donation to the Green Party reflects my desire to see a more equitable and sustainable society. I remain fully committed to the Green Party and will be doing all I can to ensure that they achieve success in the general election." 

Other allegations focus on the Luxembourg holding company that last year received a payout of £2 million pounds, a move the newspaper claims meant Westwood dodged a £500,000 tax bill to the British Government. However Westwood has made all of her corporate audited accounts transparent to demonstrate that she is committed to honouring all of her tax obligations and that her licensing agreement with Latino SA is entirely sound. 

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