For sale: A Chanel wardrobe spanning three decades

For sale: A Chanel wardrobe spanning three decades

Vintage CC

This week, an unnamed private seller is going to be parting ways with her personal collection of Chanel pieces, mostly dating back to the Nineties

From classic Chanel bouclé jackets and timeless tweed skirts to elegant dresses and rare leather handbags, Covetique – the online home for pre-owned designer fashion – will soon be assisting in a vintage clear out of CC-certified goods.

"We understand that the seller had been considering selling some items for a while. It's an emotional decision to part with such an incredible collection of clothes but we were able to work with Threads Styling, the private concierge service, to ensure that the sale of these items would be done in the right way," Nicola McClafferty, CEO and co-founder of Covetique, told Vogue

The Covetique team also explained how excited they were to find the beautiful Chanel pieces a new home. "These items date primarily from the early Nineties. Karl Lagerfeld had been at the helm for 10 years at that point and was taking Chanel in a really exciting direction, putting a new twist on the Chanel classics – like the amazing classic bouclé suits in bright colours with plastic trim. This seller has been collecting Chanel and other luxury brands for many years - and continues to do so.  It's important to the seller that these amazing pieces are passed on to a buyer that really appreciates their history." McClafferty said. 

Discover some of the pieces in the gallery below, now: