First look: Vika Gazinskaya Spring/Summer 15 look book

First look: Vika Gazinskaya Spring/Summer 15 look book

Shoulders, Turkish turbans and tissue paper-fine layers

The acclaimed Russian designer takes on a new area of inspiration for Spring/Summer 15, as she explores the charm of the Eastern European country of Turkey

Vika Gazinskaya has livened up the week following the close of fashion month with the release of her namesake brand's Spring/Summer 15 collection look book. It includes outfits topped with turban-inspired headpieces, elegant patterned skirts and pyjama suit pants with a key focus on paisley – the main print of the collection, which as always, was hand-designed by Vika herself taking on a few different guises.

It occasionally appears in the original Turkish form, a colourful plumage mottled like a fabulous firebird, and sometimes more discreetly.

The paisley print was hand designed by Vika herself

Another instantly recognisable look from the collection is a silhouette of short trousers, free cut slacks with blossoming poppies placed on the chest.

Particular attention is paid to asymmetry, and perhaps the most striking feature about this new collection is the way that several layers are devised to seem as light as tissue paper, with soft folds elegant fabric decorated in strikingly bright Oriental prints, against more tailored looks of jackets and shirts.

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