Veronica Beard is the latest brand to launch inclusive sizing

Veronica Beard is the latest brand to launch inclusive sizing

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Text: Maddison Glendinning

Image: Veronica Beard

More and more fashion brands are catering to all women, and American brand Veronica Beard is the latest to join the movement...

Inclusivity in fashion is an increasingly popular (and important) point of discussion within the fashion industry. Spearheaded by models like Ashley Graham (who recently spoke with Buro. Middle East about the movement) and supported by an ever-growing number of brands, it seems as though the fashion industry is finally realising that it needs to cater to all women. 

Case in point: New York-based brand Veronica Beard. The brainchild of sisters-in-law with the matching name of, you guessed it, Veronica Beard, the American label is a go-to for stylish women across the globe however it recently hit close to home that their products couldn't be worn by everyone. Speaking with Elle US, the duo revealed that their mothers and cousins were having difficulty finding anything from the range that fit them, prompting a shift in focus for the label. 

"Veronica Beard is a sisterhood. When we started the brand, we set out to fill a void in the market to design clothing for all women who have all these demands but we realised over time that we weren't reaching [all] women. It was staring us in the face that we needed to make an offering for all women and not just women of a certain size," Veronica S. Beard explained. 

The pair teamed up with inclusive fashion incubator Kedic and blogger Katie Sturino to conduct extensive market research ahead of launching their extended range. "We studied the customer experience. It's not about the marketing, it's about servicing customers in-person and online in the right way. Body types are all different."

Initially, a select number of items will be produced in extended sizing up to a size 24 with plans to expand the offering further in the coming seasons. 

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