Uniqlo launches new store concept in Paris

Uniqlo launches new store concept in Paris

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The Japanese fashion giant has opened a new retail model with the opening of its fifth store in Paris – a 19th century former factory in the Marais

Always deemed a global fashion innovator, Uniqlo is now selling clothes and accessories alongside a selection of other products, including books at a new store location in a historical former factory building.

Yuki Katsuta, head of research and design at Uniqlo, has said the store, which is located at number 39 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, was designed as a flagship retail destination highlighting "the coolest Japanese lifestyle concept."

Katusa went on to say, "We are thinking of making that store... One of the best fashion-message concept stores in the world. Mainly we're going to be merchandising Uniqlo products. We may also mix in some different items, maybe books, maybe furniture," he explained.

"It's supposed to be a completely different store to any other store," said Katsuta, adding that the concept could be rolled out eventually to other cities...

The shop has been designed by Tokyo-based interior design firm Wonderwall, and spans just over 8,800 square feet across three floors.

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