Watch now: A preview from fashion sustainability documentary 'Traceable'

Do you know where your clothes came from?

Canadian based fashion designer, Laura Siegel, challenges us to think twice about the fashion supply chain in her new sustainability documentary – 'Traceable.' Take an exclusive first look at the preview here...

Canadian based fashion designer, Laura Siegel, puts as much emphasis on ethical production of fashion as she does on the designs themselves. For her, producing her designs in an environmentally conscious way is critical, as too is making sure that the artisans and craftsmen and women who work on the fabrics and construction, are fairly compensated for their hard work. 

Traceability is the new documentary that Siegel has made in partnership with Jennifer Sharpe, that shines a spotlight on the importance of consumers being able to literally trace the origins of their fashion purchases, from the sustainability of the industry process to the well-being of the often distant communities that take care of the grafting.  

The documentary follows Siegel as she traces back down the fashion supply chain and engages in the Indian committees of workers who bring her designs to fruition. Take a look at the exclusive preview above. The full length documentary will be out on June 24.