Tom Ford rumoured to be making a return to Gucci

Tom Ford rumoured to be making a return to Gucci

Rumour has it...

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Reports have surfaced linking Gucci with Tom Ford, following Frida Giannini’s early exit…

Just when you thought the Gucci drama couldn't get any more complicated this happens: Is Tom Ford really returning to Gucci?

Following Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and CEO Patrizio di Marco's joint resignations in December 2014, Giannini announced that she would leave the Italian fashion house following her AW15 swan song in February this year, Di Marco left immediately, and was succeeded by Marco Bizzarri. The plot thickened earlier this week when Giannini did not stick around for AW15 as planned, and made a sudden exit. Since December, a number of names have been thrown around as Giannini's potential replacement – but none have grabbed our attention as much as 'Tom Ford'...

After ruling the fashion industry with his rein for a decade at Gucci between 1994 and 2004, Ford really defined the Gucci brand that we know today, turning an unprofitable business into a leading luxury enterprise, and crafting the heritage fashion house into a mega house – Ford could do no wrong. Following some successful years at the helm of Gucci, the 53-year-old creative eventually took a very powerful role at the Gucci Group (now known as the Kering Group), taking control of Yves Saint Laurent during his time with the luxury conglomerate.

It was a match made in heaven, and a match that Gucci have had a hard time trying to replicate. Frida Giannini arguably never really filled the void left by Ford, struggling to bridge the gap – Ford notoriously caused a stir with controversial advertising campaigns for Gucci, whilst Giannini favoured a more minimal approach. Ford focussed on big starlets, and excess, whilst Giannini focused on 'real women' and philanthropic projects.

When Ford and Kering owner Francois-Henri Pinault found themselves in a public war, Ford retreated from public life for a few years, before returning with a bang – debuting his eponymous label in 2006. Said label is now thought to be worth almost $1 billion. So why would he make the jump? Well perhaps it is just wishful thinking, after all Ford is a relatively new father, with a soaring business: Where would he find the time?

But on the other hand, if anyone can juggle stress it's the wondrous polymath that is Tom Ford. The question is: Will he top John Galliano's comeback and make all of our fashion wishes come true? Here's hoping...

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Tom Ford takes his final bow at Gucci in 2004