This is why everyone is talking about Jacquemus' anniversary show

This is why everyone is talking about Jacquemus' anniversary show

It literally broke the internet...

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

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In case you've been under a box for the last 24 hours, you've probably missed why Jacquemus' 10th-anniversary show was the highlight of everyone's week...

It might seem a little theatrical to cry at a fashion show but not at Valentino's Haute Couture showcase earlier this year. It was an absolute spectacle that moved the fashion industry, Celine Dion included, as every supermodel from Naomi Campbell to Kaia Gerber took the runway in the most beautiful pieces that almost broke the internet.

However now, it is Jacquemus' 10th-year anniversary show that is proving to be the one to beat and everyone (we mean everyoneeee) is talking about the showcase. Here's why...

The location...

The setup of Jacquemus' celebratory show was just enough to steal our hearts alone. Whilst we knew that Simon Porte Jacquemus would be staging his eponymous label's latest show in Provence, the exact location was yet disclosed. And now we know why.

Just miles away from the designer's stomping grounds, Simon Porte Jacquemus delivered a full collection on a 500-meter hot pink (and seemingly infinite) carpet in the middle of a beautiful lavender field in Provence, France — serving the ultimate backdrop, from any angle really.This is why everyone is talking about Jacquemus' anniversary show (фото 1)

The collection...

The anniversary showcase celebrated Jacquemus' milestone with a co-ed collection that proved that it is so much more than tiny totes and oversized straw bags (although we're still obsessed with them). The idyllic setting truly encapsulated the tone of the collection, titled Le Coup de Soleil (meaning Sunburn) and the pieces truly evoke all the chill vacation vibes we're currently feeling.

The designer opted for striking pastel shades, statement floral prints and sheer detailing — and it was all so beautiful. The range consisted of breezy maxi dresses, workwear pieces, oversized blazers and tiny shorts. The pairing of pieces within each look is giving us everything you could want in fashion.

The inspiration...

As if we didn't need another reason to be a fan of the brand, Simon Porte dedicated his celebratory show to women from across the globe who have inspired him, including his mother. On Instagram, he dedicated the show to his mother, with a caption that read: "FOR YOU...MAMAN AND HUGE THANKS TO MY TEAM....FOREVER."

Can we have just one of everything please?

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