The top fashion scandals of 2013

The top fashion scandals of 2013

Dolce & Gabbana, John Galliano, Kanye West and more

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2013 was a year full of fashion drama and scandals - Buro 24/7 highlights the most scandalous and notorious...

Italy vs Dolce & Gabbana

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Italian tax authorities have long followed fashion duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, which began when the pair sold their company to a Luxembourg-based holding company in 2004 reportedly to avoid paying taxes in Italy. The trial was postponed for quite a while but in April 2013 the duo was fined a hefty $439 million, and there was even talk of imprisonment.

In protest, the designers closed up shop for a few days in Milan - everything from their shops, to cafes and other branded businesses. The Italian officials took particular offence to this case, with Milan's councillor of commerce, Franco D'Alfonso, suggested that the pair would no longer be welcome to use any public space in Milan to promote their brand - specifically during Milan Fashion Week - because they were now labeled as "a business that evades taxes" and in turn "a discredit their country". 


Hedi Slimane and Yves

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Hedi Slimane was appointed the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent to what seemed like an obvious solution for the director-less brand. Making big changes, Slimane dropped the Yves, and YSL simply became Saint Laurent. The first collection ignited a variety of reviews - specifically from Cathy Horyn, who describes the collection as nothing special and "clothes that look like the stuff sold at TopShop or a thrift store." However her harsh review could be bias - the pair are known for past feuds and a scandal in 2012 left Horyn banned from any Saint Laurent show. 


The People vs Terry Richardson

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Terry Richardson has had so many scandals linked to his name in 2013 - primarily the accusation of harassment on set and sexism which led to releasing a petition asking all fashion houses and glossy magazines to stop using Richardson as a photographer and to ban him from any set. With a detailed description of his alleged inappropriate behaviour, word of the petition went viral. With all their efforts, it seems that they were not as successful as they had hoped - with only 18,000 of 50,000 required signatures  on the petition. 


A Plagiarism War

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Plagiarism is an ongoing controversy in the fashion world - where copying is most definitely not taken as a form of flattery, but rather a serious offence. Scandals like Miuccia Prada's spring summer collection referring to the works of André Courrèges circa 1967, or trails of Dior designer, Raf Simons found in Edith Head's collection arose this year. But the biggest copy cat scandal of the year goes to the Céline fall-winter coat that is an almost identical twin a Geoffrey Beene coat from a 2004 collection.

Part of an ongoing controversy over intellectual property sprung when Kanye West accused Fendi and Hedi Slimane of stealing his idea of leather sport trousers.

To top off a year of copy cat scandals - Roberto Cavalli takes the cake in public feuds. He released ongoing statements, claiming that American designer Michael Kors is always copying him, "He's one of the biggest copy designers in the world," Cavalli told "I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram. He copies everybody!"


Jean Paul Gaultier vs Tim Blanks

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After Tim Banks panned Jean Paul Gaultier's collection earlier in 2013, the designer went public with an open letter to the critic. The critic wrote a review for questioning the casting of reality TV personality and French model Nabilla Benattia - who he referred to as "down-market" and also claimed that the designer, who was once "a true heir to the throne of French fashion", had "well and truly passed".  The designer was offended by his harsh words and personal attack on his model selection and referred to Blanks comments as "cheap". He responded with a witty open letter to the critic - similar to that of Hedi Slimane's open letter to New York Times journalist Cathy Horyn.

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And the story of John Galliano continues...

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Galliano is still suffering from his anti-Semitic remarks he was caught making back in 2011, and it seems the controversy will never end. The designer is still in the process of suing Dior - for firing him after the remarks were made, and it looks like he could be winning the case. The designer was also scheduled to teach a three day master class at New York fashion school Parsons earlier in 2013 - however the workshop was cancelled due to an anonymous petition that was launched to prevent him from running the course. 


Versace against 'House of Versace' 

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The new TV series House of Versace - that was dedicated to the history of the Italian family - did not go well with the Italian family. There was no consent from their side for the shooting of the show, the family has no ties to the TV series, and were not even warned about the execution of the show. Donatella Versace is not a happy camper in regards to the show, but yet has to take any legal action against the series. 


The Louis Vuitton chest in the Red Square

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A 30 foot tall, 112 foot long Louis Vuitton trunk appeared in the Russian Red Square and immediately caused havoc in the community. Although its purpose was to exhibit the brands luxury luggage, with all proceeds of the ticket sales going to the "Naked Heart" charity funds, the Russian community was upset that the giant luggage was blocking the granite mausoleum where the mummified body of the mastermind of the Bolshevik Revolution remained enshrined. 

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