Swarovski: Runway Rocks

Swarovski: Runway Rocks

Dazzling in Shanghai

Image: Swarovski

The iconic crystal jewellery giant Swarovski held its first 'Runway Rocks' exhibition and fashion show in Shanghai on this week, featuring a number of unique pieces that were specially commissioned from nine regional and international designers. Using Swarovski crystals and gems, designs have been created that combine art with haute couture.

"Swarovski have entered the Chinese market at the right time," says Chinese designer Guo Pei, who participated in Runway Rocks, "budding designers have received a lot of support from Swarovski, but when I deal with my own clients, I don't recommend Swarovski all the time. For example for government officials or business people - they are low profile, and don't like to show off."


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Some of the pieces created for the show included a couture dress that was covered with sculpted metal, crystals and feathers and was meant to represent the Greek mythological bird, plus a Phoenix Native American headdress that featured turquoise crystals, and a motorcycle helmet that was covered in a variety of multi-coloured gems.

Pei, who is considered the country's most distinguished haute couture and wedding dress designer, is one of the many Chinese names who were included in Thursday's show. Wang Peiyu, who was the winner of the second edition of the Mercedes-Benz China Young Fashion Award and showed at Milan Fashion Week in February, also participated in the show. Other Chinese designers included Marsha Ma and Huishan Zhang.

The Asia-Pacific commissions joined new pieces by designer Giles, in addition to jewellers Stephen Webster and Ted Noten.  


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