Swarovski: 'Crystal Loves Abaya'

Swarovski: 'Crystal Loves Abaya'

A contemporary collaboration on display in Dubai

Image: Swarovski

As any knowledgeable fashion enthusiast knows, the unique and fluid elegance of an abaya lends itself quite perfectly to embellishment. Techniques such as embroidery and crystal appliqué are often used to stand out. Now, six talented designers have joined forces with Austrian crystal experts Swarovski to create capsule collections that marry the two.

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The six designers, who are each also proprietors of their own brands, include two from Saudi Arabia: Riyadh-based Hania Albraikan for Hania, and Jeddah-based Rawan Azhar of Ta Marbota. Qatar is represented by Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi for Medici, and from Oman, Lubna Al Zakwani for Endemage. The two United Arab Emirates-based designers are Abeer Al Suwaidi for her eponymous brand, and Sara Al Madani of Rouge Couture. Each label has been commissioned to apply its creative vision and create abaya designs that bring the garment to life.

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Flemming Nielsen, Vice President Operations Asia South Swarovski Professional, underlined that this latest Swarovski initiative demonstrates the company's commitment to supporting designers within the Middle East, as well as providing a platform for the contemporary and modern interpretation of crystals.

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"Swarovski is proud to partner with contemporary abaya designers and continue one of the company's most treasured traditions. The philosophy of working with design talent has permeated every aspect of this family run company since it was founded in 1895," he said. The initiative echos Swarovski's a long history of creative collaborations with the world's most prestigious names in the fashion industry.

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The creations will be on display at The Empty Quarter gallery in Dubai from November 27.

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