Paris Fashion Week: Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 15

Paris Fashion Week: Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 15

Easy breezy style

Stella McCartney presented an easy breezy collection with her Autumn/Winter 15 presentation in Paris today. Discover the full new collection here...

Stella McCartney demonstrates, once again, her ability to deliver a comprehensive collection that is right on target. The McCartney woman's needs are completely realised in the new season's lineup, which the designer described as both "celebrating freedom" and "exploring classics." 

Classics were explored in the form of the handy pant suit, beautifully tailored and masculinely cut with long blazers and wide leg trousers as well as belted coats with broadly turned out collars. Trousers received thick turned up hems, which weighted them down and influenced the movement from the bottom up. Liberating notes game from luscious thick wool sweaters that came with a one-on, one-off shoulder, high waisted trousers that blurred the line between culottes, and teetered on the edge of the masculine/feminine divide. The most out-there creation was the not-fur, fur coat which seemed like a lot of fun and another freedom point of reference. 

If one had to some up the collection, which would by extension sum up the label over-all, being that there is always an ease of consistency in Stella McCartney's collections, it would be – stylish, in the truest sense of the word. This collection is complete, and easy to wear and serves to elevate the woman who wears it.  

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