Milan Fashion Week: Prada Spring/Summer 15

Milan Fashion Week: Prada Spring/Summer 15

Keeping craftsmanship alive

A riot of creativity met guests at the Prada Spring/Summer 15 show in Milan today, with Miuccia Prada calling it a 'confrontational' collection

"I am fixated with craftsmanship," said the otherwise innovative and tech-savvy Miuccia Prada backstage in Milan this evening. "Not just in fabric but in furniture, in chandeliers. More and more I am obsessed with antiquity, and the elements of the past that are not possible today."

Her Spring/Summer 15 collection began as a love letter to the brocade fabric she so adores, which were produced from as far back as two centuries back, until the 60s. "We made them for this collection. In this way, I can play my part in keeping craftsmanship alive."

The overall line up certainly paid homage to craftsmanship and vintage fabrics, yet this was something raw and rough. 

"Confrontation" was the word used most often in the notes. Fine gauze, transparent as sheer silk, peeked out from the collars and cuffs of heavy double-breasted coats; and ribbed sweaters in super-bright yellows and greens were layered over pretty floral printed silks.

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