New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 15

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 15

A grand finale

A "Pepto-Bismol" pink house and girls in military looks, some seemingly dressed like scouts... Pass the cookies it's Marc Jacobs' SS15 to close New York Fashion Week

Guests at the final show of New York Fashion Week could hear individual narrations to the event (through Dr. Dre headphones) – based on a 1976 short film, The Girl Chewing Gum... Just like the bubblegum shade of the set. 

Always the showman, Marc Jacobs staged a make-up free performance-art piece around a standout collection based on a single, seemingly simple concept – uniforms.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

"They're kind of invisible colours," Jacobs said during a preview of the show. "Then, I started thinking about uniforms and decoration and anonymity and the idea of uniforms and youth culture. Uniforms used to be a symbol of rebellion and protest. And now, it doesn't mean anything. It's just what you wear."

It doesn't really get much deeper than that, and ironically, he changed the thought of the uniform being bland into something striking and powerful, even in such 'underwhelming' and anonymous colours. There were sculpted minis and long, shapeless schoolgirl dresses and slouchy overalls, cropped cargo pants and structured, waist-conscious jackets. 

In terms of decoration, after a lot of research into institutions from the Girl Scouts to the army, Jacobs put forward the idea of badges (perhaps more like medals) with huge resin gemstones... And 'special' shoes that looked school-friendly in shape, only in velvet with pavé crystal buckles.

But where does the pink house come into play? Jacobs said it had nothing to do with anything except that it "looked happy"... And why not.

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