New York Fashion Week: Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2015

New York Fashion Week: Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2015

Retro allure

On Saturday, Joseph Altuzarra delved into the old-Hollywood film archives as he created a sinisterly romantic world inspired by 'Rosemary’s Baby' and 'Barry Lyndon'

Opening the show with models dressed in baby pink and blue ginghams, Joseph Altuzarra set the scene with an innocent yet lady-like atmosphere. As pure as the collection seemed,  the designer added strokes of provocativeness into most looks, with high slits and plunging necklines infused with the gingham, due to his inspirations, the 1960s film Rosemary's Baby (using Mia Farrow's haunting lullaby as the show's soundtrack) and the drama Barry Lyndon. "Both movies are so beautiful," Altuzarra said, "but it's an ill-fated, sinister beauty. Which I liked."

Once the gingham looks passed, Berber-inspired striped pieces took us deeper into the dark side, as did pieces made from light brown and black leather grids that referenced heraldry, with models losing their innocence look by look.

However, towards the end of the show Altuzarra surprised his audience again by sending out gentle willowy dresses in floral prints and pearl beading which sat gently against fabric and skin – creating the perfect juxtaposition of good and evil.