Sotheby's Hong Kong to sell 8.41 pink diamond next week

Sotheby's Hong Kong to sell 8.41 pink diamond next week

Oh it's fancy

An extremely rare 8.41-carat internally flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond is estimated to sell for around $15 million when it is auctioned by Sotheby’s Hong Kong next week

After Christie's Geneva sold a big blue rock recently, Sotheby's Hong Kong looks set to compete, albeit on a slightly lesser financial scale, by auctioning the 'world's next great pink diamond' next week.


The new 8.41-carat pink diamond is part of the 'Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Sale' on October 7, and the stone – now set in a stunning ring – has caused quite a stir in the jewellery world, not to mention a pre-sale estimate of HK $100-120 million (US $12.8-15.4 million).

Originally discovered as a 19.54-carat rough pink diamond that was mined in 2010 by De Beers, this cut – in addition to its size – is a pear-shaped diamond and owes its incredible rarity to its internally flawless clarity and 'fancy vivid' purple-pink colour.

Pink diamonds happen as the result of an imperfection in the stone's atomic structure, leading to pink grain lines, and their rarity. The more of the grain lines form, the more intense the stone's pink colour.


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